Donald Trump Merch that doesn’t SUCK!


We are 2 millennials who love the USA, support President Trump, and care about the direction of our country! However, we also think that most political merch is UGLY.

Instead of complaining, we’ve decided to do something about it -- by disrupting the market and starting our own clothing line /merch store. We only offer things we would actually wear ourselves.

In other words, we’re Making Trump Merch Great while the president Keeps America Great! #KAG


Purchasing our merch does 2 things.

1) It allows you to look fresh while supporting Donald J. Trump!

2) Your purchase supports a couple of young entrepreneurs who are chasing the American dream. (We can’t thank you enough for your support!)

So what are you waiting for? Snag some patriotic threads and let everyone know you want to Keep America Great!